Here at Circus Allstars we believe learning circus skills should be open to all and we work hard to make it as accessible as possible.


We have taught circus classes for many different organizations that include individuals with particular needs. For example we have taught people with learning disabilities; visual impairments; challenging behavior and physical disabilities.


Sometimes we need make no adjustments to how we teach our workshops, sometimes we have to to tailor our classes to the groups specific needs. The important thing is that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy learning circus skills in a safe context.


One of our recent successes in this area has been helping a visually impaired man from Hailsham, West Sussex learn to walk the tight-wire for a charity fundraising event. We also regularly work with youth groups in the South of England whose service users have learning disabilities.


Example Price:



introduction to

circus skills workshop:     £280.00 (plus travel)

Special Educational Needs

Special Educational needs image. Hands all in a circle holding a juggling ball symbolising equality and accessability.

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