Drop-in Circus Workshop

Drop in circus workshop image. A woman hula hooping with a red hula-hoop.


Learning circus skills is a great way of  having fun and expressing yourself whilst getting the opportunity to learn something new.


Drop-in circus workshops can be featured in events of all kinds, indoor and outdoor - fetes, fairs, public events, fun-days, weddings, celebrations or community events.


Our expert instructors can come to your event and provide safe instruction for all participants in skills such as tight-wire, hula-hoop, juggling, spinning plate, balancing feather, poi, gymnastic-ribbon, devil stick, diabolo, pedal-go and stilts.


As well as teaching circus skills, our instructors also perform them. Any booking can also involve circus entertainment.




4-hour workshop:  £280.00

(plus travel)

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Circus Allstars logo, star with a circus tent inside it.