Circus Allstars has developed a circus workshop to meet the requirements of achieving the Circus Skills/Performer Badge.


Our normal workshop lasts 4 hours. The session starts with a performance from our expert circus instructors. The performance contains difficult circus tricks; on stage participation from the audience and demonstrations of the circus skills the participants will learn that day. The performance also breaks the ice and gets everyone in the mood for circus skills.


The class then receives instruction in a large number of  circus skills including: tight-wire, juggling, spinning plate, balancing feather, poi, gymnastic-ribbon, devil stick, diabolo, pedal-go and stilts.


During this part of the workshop, opportunity is provided for participants to teach each other some of the skills they have learned.


In the next section of the class, the participants choose some circus skills and  prepare a circus performance routine.  This section relies upon creativity, practicality and helps build confidence. The final part of the session features the participants performing their circus routines to the rest of the group.


Along the way the group will have learned not just circus skills but also about performance, creativity, perseverance, listening and co-operation.



2-hour workshop:  £225.00 (plus travel)

4-hour workshop:  £280.00 (plus travel)

Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts Circus performer/skills badge. A brownie performing circus skills to get her circus performer badge.

Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts Circus Badge

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